Let’s talk about work (and life)
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A book about conversations. 2 people discussing on a table with two seats. Let’s talk about work (and life) is published by the german cultural institution Tanzfabrik Berlin.
The Ice-Q

After Sölden served as set for sam mendes’ new Bond movie Spectre, Ötztal Tourism in partnership with Serviceplan Austria commissioned us to produce two Bond-like stories to support their campaign “Sölden… And Action!”. We were happy to write, produce and direct these two fun pieces in honor of one of the greatest film series of all times.

Punchpology, Artwork
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The Austrian band Brothers van Yarns asked us to create the artwork for their EP - Punchpology. Every moment in life has its two sides and we visually represented both and gave each side its own space to breathe.
The way to Moto GP

In 2015 we had the great pleasure to follow KTM on their way to MotoGP. We were given the opportunity to document the most important stages of developing a racebike for the most important motorcycle racing championship in the world, the MOTO GP.

Brains fondle, not pollute. We are Zwupp, the best Bude for design, film and writing. Since 2011, loving and high-minded.
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