After Sölden served as set for sam mendes’ new Bond movie Spectre, Ötztal Tourism in partnership with Serviceplan Austria commissioned us to produce two Bond-like stories to support their campaign “Sölden… And Action!”. We were happy to write, produce and direct these two fun pieces in honor of one of the greatest film series of all times.


Client: Ötztal Tourismus
Year: 2015

Direction: Zwupp

DOP: Alex Pühringer
1st AC: Reno Rieger

DOP 2: Zwupp
2nd AC: Fabian Kluhs

Drone: Airworx

Production: Zwupp

Best Boy: Jakob Slavicek
Light Grip: Tba.

Sounddesign: Matthias Müller
Postproduction: Zwupp

Agency: Serviceplan | Christian Gosch, Maximilian Florian Schöngen