UnitedBuildings is the project of the renowned architect Ari Griffner and his partner Rainer Edler. We teamed up with them and worked on many different things, such as a hardcover book, a product ratalogue, a website as well as a small make-over of their corporate design.

Corporate identity
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One big goal was to develop a book about their new project called Virtuelle Wendepunkte/virtual turning points. Our aim was to break the standardized look and feel of a typical architect publication – what we found was always a very edgy, straight and clean layout with oversized glossy renderings. Therefore we decided to ease the 224 pages book with cheerful illustrations. They helped us explain the many complex topics, the major idea of the project and also were used for infographics. To get different haptic feelings we’ve chosen uncoated as well as glossy paper.

Virtuelle Wendepunkte
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Book inside Book section
Explanation illustrations
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Visual concept: Zwupp
Layout & Illustration: Zwupp
Text concept & Text: Robert Lecker
Client: Ari Griffner Patentholding GmbH
Year: 2012 – 2014

Awards: Schönste Bücher Österreichs 2013

Nominated for the German Design Award 2015 (Excellent Communication Design)

As a sequel and a more practical side of this whole concept, we did a 120 pages catalogue showing the idea and the possibilities of building houses. We tried to work and include many of the previous developed ideas, like printing on uncoated and glossy paper as well as clear, technical renderings compared with simple but cheerful illustrations. As binding method we’ve chosen a Suisse brochure.

Product catalogue
Product section
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